I read the Little Book of Common Sense Investing. Here are the key takeaways.

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0. Introduction

1. Parable

2. Rational Exuberance

3. Cast Your Lot With Business

4. How Most Investors Turn a Winner’s game into a Loser’s game

5. Focus on the Lowest-Cost Funds

6. Dividends are the Investor’s Best Friend

7. The Grand Illusion

8. Taxes Are Costs, Too

9. When The Good Times No Longer Roll

10. Selecting Long-Term Winners

11. Reversion To The Mean

12. Seeking Advice To Select Funds

13. Profit from the Majesty of Simplicity and Parsimony

14. Bond Funds

15. ETFs

16. Index Funds That Promise To Beat The Market

17. What would Benjamin Graham have thought about Indexing?

18. Asset Allocation 1

19. Asset Allocation 2

20. Investment Advice That Meets The Test of Time

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